I love aquatic creatures! Alona and I back in 2012 acquired a pet turtle that we named Earl. Earl is a very entertaining little guy. He used to swim up to the glass walls of his tank and keep swimming with his head pushing up against the glass as though he was going somewhere. I would think he was stupid. Where did he think he was going? It would also make me laugh when he would get startled. For example, if I walked by the tank he would jump off his dock and into the water. “Earl, I’m not going to eat you. I promise!”

My sister and I had often said that we thought he needed a wife. So, while I was in Washington Alona bought Pearl. Pearl and Earl are the cutest little married couple. Earl loves the heat lamp and sits on the dock so that he can be under it. He is a heat lamp hog and his poor little wife never gets a turn. However, she is resourceful. She just climbs up on top of Earl and sits on his back to “sun bathe”.

We have always considered Earl to be more my turtle than Alona’s mainly because I had always wanted one. When Alona came home with him we decided he was both of ours but really, he’s mine. When Alona bought Pearl, it was clear that we each had our own. With me moving back into my parents house I realized that I don’t get to keep Earl. (I wouldn’t want to separate him from his wife anyways.) My mom does not like the turtles, so its not an option for me to keep him. Fortunately, I do get visitation rights. I joke that with this separation I get shared custody with the turtles.

It’s the little things that are getting to me. I guess the big things I expected but as things like the turtles come up I realize that I was not prepared for those changes. Yes, I knew moving back that it was short term. Then as we move forward with the wedding and the move things that I didn’t think of happen. They are small losses. But a loss is a loss and it causes your heart to some measure grief. I get a little sad when I think about no longer lounging on the couch and watching Earl butt his head against the glass. Other things about these changes makes me sad too like no longer having spontaneous sister movie nights where I insist on putting my feet across Alona’s lap (I tell her it’s out of affection but she doesn’t buy it). Its not like these things will never take place again, its just going to be different. I am trying to prepare my heart for my “new normal” that hasn’t happened yet. Part of preparing my heart for this is bringing the things that weigh on my heart to the Lord. I am encouraged as I remember that he sees me and knows my heart. He is with me in this season as well!

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