Solitary Bee

The Solitary Bee

Quietly, faithfully, and silently

Is the solitary bee.

Little notice, little know

Where this bee will go.

His rhythm is one of his own

No colony, no hive, no home.

Just the solitary bee.

What do I see in this lonely bee?

A creature small, simple, free.

A heart searching for community

A hope that this scarcity is only momentarily.

I see me in the solitary bee. 

Praying patiently

Praying carefully

Praying hopefully

Praying for words like honey

A message of hope for days bright and sunny.

When the flowers bloom

And a place where my heart finds room

The father sees 

He knows the bees!

My hearts is free

As I rest in thy!

My love of bees and my interest in how vital they are to our world really became a passion of mine as I have used bees as a theme in my classroom. I teach kindergarten and my name is hard to pronounce, Bjerre. No one ever knows how to say Bjerre but it is pronounced like this, “bee-air”. So, to make it easier on the families at my school I had adopted the bee theme for my room. This perpetuated a mass collection of bee things as I now given anything with a bee on it as a gift. It also set in motion an interest in bees in my own personal life. I love bees. They are responsible for, I believe, 90% of the pollination of the crops needed for our food supply. They are a necessary part of our world and our lives. These little creatures are feared by many but really are harmless. They don’t sting if left alone. When left alone, their hard work allows beautiful flowers, fruits and veggies to grow.

In my classroom I have found that there are many positive ways to use bees in giving instructions and lessons for my students. We talk about how we can “bee” kind, “bee” patient, “bee” happy, and “bee” humble. We want to listen and “bee”have. We “bee”-long together. We want to work hard like the bees. We use many more puns in class too. You better “bee”lieve it! I can’t even read a book to the class without them noticing a bee in an illustration and pointing it out to me. “Ms. Bjerre! I see a bee. It’s your favorite!” I hear that almost daily. I have bee bulletin boards, t-shirts, pens, coffee cups, and posters. Enough to make my head “buzz”! 

As I have taken an interest in the bees, I have discovered that there are two major differences in the kinds of bees. There are bees that live in colonies and there are solitary bees. In my work life, I relate to the queen bee. Though, I haven’t always liked the attitude that is so often associated with the queen bee. I think a queen bee is often looked at as having a negative attitude or being a diva. That is not something that I want to be. But really she is a strong leader and spends her days doing what is best for her hive. When she leaves her hive to start a new one, her bees follow her. In many ways I can see parallels in this with my role as the teacher in my classroom. My days are spent with one focus, the students. 

In my personal life, I’m a solitary bee. My poem is a reflection of that. I spend a great amount of time alone outside of work. My only other social circle is church and right now that feels lonely. There are not many 30ish, single, women or men there. I’m a breed of my own. Due to social distancing rules, I sit on a chair 6 feet from everyone else. I’m sitting on an island. Others are gathered together because they are sitting with their family group. I have no family here. I am alone. I am always alone. It even feels this way at work. Adult interaction is passing. I see other teachers and staff in the halls or when I pop into the office but a majority of my day is spent in a room with 5 and 6 years. And… I don’t plan on baring my soul onto their little shoulders. I live alone. My free time is spent going on walks, reading, or cooking, all mostly isolated activities. 

I find myself in this place of loneliness. I see myself as a little solitary bee. But I believe that this bee is content and is made to live this way. I am not meant to be alone. I will rest in the Lord and be content on this day in the place where I find myself. But I pray that this is not my lot in life. That I can be surrounded by a community of believers and drink in the fellowship that we are meant to share. I pray that I will have a home where there will be human companionship through the love of a spouse. I wait. Quietly I wait. I hope for one day and ask what does the Lord want of me today. This is what I have been given. May I handle it well.

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